GANYMEDE #2 (Feb. 2009, 176 pages)
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“I sat up all night with my second issue of Ganymede. The content only gets deeper with scrutiny. Now I can’t wait to see what the third issue offers, and the fourth...”
--Christopher Roland in

--A spectacular 20-page profile of Mark Jenkins, the finest art photographer of the male form working today. Our profile is the first substantial recognition of his work in any periodical anywhere.
--First half of a novella set in the Pines over one weekend
--A photo essay by Stefano Corso on Mussolini's Fascist-era nude male statuary in the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, a subject studiously avoided by art and guide books
--Debut of two exciting gay poets: Matt Loney and David Ayllon

--Indie Eye: capsule reviews of smart, obscure indie films worth renting. By Philip Clark
--Readings: Decoding Oscar Wilde...Among Others. By Julian Grenfell
Learning the gay codes in Oscar Wilde’s best play...Robbie Ross, the friend and lover who saved Oscar’s gay lib began in the classrooms of Victorian Oxford...Rosa Bonheur: the art of wearing pants...Prince Albert, the real monarch of modern Britain...the gay underworld of late Victorian London...James Saslow and the new role of gay art history.
--Bachelors of Art: Ned Warren and John Marshall. Two forgotten gay lovers, circa 1900, peers of Frick and Morgan in art collecting. By Laurent Hillaire.
FICTION: Accommodations in Venice by Adam Jeffries Schwartz
Tender Bottoms (ch 1-5) by John Stahle
POETRY by Matt Loney and David Ayllon
SEVEN PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIOS: Renaissance Men: Mark Jenkins’ Photo Art...The Allusive Selves of Frank Gabriel...Fragments of Night: Marco Diaz...Mussolini’s Men: Fascist Hunks in Rome (Stefano Corso)...Everyday Gay: Travels with Cadi (Cadi Cunha)...The Screen of the Body: Andy Houghton...Everyday Gay: Thomas Walshaw

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